Thursday, March 17, 2011


Yesterday I was down at Victoria University Wellington (when I say down, I mean it literally, I could roll all the way there from my house, under the force of gravity) to give a talk which I am now calling The Heart Of The Game. It was an updated and refined version of the talk I gave at the uni last year, and is essentially advice on conceiving a game idea that can be made in a very compressed time frame.

Afterwards I had the privilege of sitting in on each of the students pitching a game idea to the rest of the class. Top marks to them all, not just for the quality of their ideas, but for the quality of their 2 minute pitches. Pitching a game idea is hard, and these students only had one slide each to support their idea.

If you don't believe how hard pitching is then think of your favourite game of all time, then figure out what you'd say to sell it to an investor.

One thing's for sure - the folk on Dragon's Den (dragons reside in Lairs you fools!) would never invest in it.

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