Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Get On With It Man!

A quick update on the coming of the fantastic new game, The Shooter With No Name. It's not going to be called that, by the way, but I'm just not going to tell you the name yet.

Jon Brown - Hunting fun since 1975...

About a million years ago last month I told you the open beta would be out very soon. And this still hasn't happened. This is because we changed the game a bit, actually, we decided to change it quite a bit. And it's for the better - while cheating at playing the game it was discovered that more fun could be found in a slightly different direction, so we went that way. This has required some further work but it's for the better.

And I can say it's for the better with my hand on my heart, because the change of direction thoroughly torpedoes the interesting game mechanic that I was trying out. So if I think it's a better direction, with my ego lying bruised and battered on the floor like that time I asked [REDACTED] out at school and was shot down faster than you can say 'cripes', then I'm pretty confident you will think so too.

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