Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Flying Without Instruments

Apple's App Store has been silent over the Christmas holidays. Not for everyone wanting to make a purchase, no, that would be an insane policy on Apple's part, not to mention a tough sell to their shareholders. No, all the sales reporting has gone dark, covert, like a special ops team maintaining radio silence, or a partner that's angry with you. Apple isn't even reporting via the children - "tell your father we've sold an extra hundred units..."

Frankly, it's driving me crazy, like being a kid on Christmas Eve. I was okay at first, actually I was depressed at first - despite my best efforts and a great review it seemed that sales had simply halted. 

Just as I was getting used to the idea that the world is much more humbug than I previously thought, Hippo Mobile Solutions contacted me to mention that all sales reporting is suspended over the yuletide week! 

So, will it be a Santa that visited, or Scrooge? By which I mean Scrooge before he became reformed. Actually, I  wonder if Scrooge changed his name after his Christmas revelation - it would be hard to turn over a new, more generous, leaf when you've got the name Scrooge.

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